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Dont jump in unbooked minicabs, Boris warns women partygoers

BORIS Johnson launches into the Christmas party season today with a campaign urging women not to jump into minicabs at night which haven’t been pre-booked. The Mayor is issuing a warning about illegal touting in the sixth annual campaign set up by police and City Hall transport chiefs at the start of the festive season.

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Remember Kids, Always Say ‘No’ To Illegal Minicabs

Don’t use unbooked minicabs. It’s a simple message, but it bears repeating. Which is why, around this time each year, the Safer Travel at Night initiative repeats it with a series of adverts. This year’s campaign, backed by the Mayor, the Met, the City of London Police and TfL, is the most hard-hitting yet. The

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How to become a London taxi driver

For many people working in a London taxi all day or night can seem an annoying, tiring or very hard to do job but for some it’s the right job to do or even their dream job. In this article we will try to offer the right guidance for those of you who want to

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London Taxis and Private Hire History Part 2

After the end of the war the need for new taxis has risen almost immediately. Private hire; london taxiSomehow Nuffield almost foreseen this and they were prepared because in all the years that the industry was dead they tested a prototype. And so in 1947 the Oxford cab sold by Beardmore was introduced. In 1948

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London taxis and private hire industry – Did you know?

We have tried to gather a few interesting aspects of the private hire industry in London and hope that will intrigue and please you. Many of us guess, more are talking about but few know that: 1) To be a London black cab driver you have to know around 25.000 streets and approximately 50.000 attractions?

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Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport Transfer

Heathrow is one of the grLondon Heathrow Airport Transfereatest and busiest airports in the world with over 65 million passengers handled only in 2013. It is situated in the western part of London approximately 15 miles from the center. If you are looking for Heathrow Airport transfer there are many ways to get there. Firstly

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Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport Transfer

When we speak of Gatwick we refer to the second busiest and biggest airport in London with almost 36 million passengers that used its services. With 55 registered airplane movements in one hour it has the most occupied runway with single-use in the world. It has a long and beautiful history from 1241 when the

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Luton Airport Transfer

Opened in 1938 Luton Airport is situated about 55 km of Central London and is the fourth most important airport that operates in the vicinity of London. In its early years the airport operated as a base for the RAF and after the war ended resumed its commercial activity. Luton Airport suffered a decline in

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Wonderful Minicabs London Services

Minicabs London services are a great way to travel around the city when you visit it as a tourist or you are on a business trip. These services allow you travel conveniently in a foreign country without worrying about your security and enjoyable vacation. Transport is a serious issue for everyone who travels abroad. You

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Why Choose Minicab Services Instead of Standard Taxis?

People have being using taxis to travel from one place to another but recently minicab services grow more popular and preferred. This is due to the numerous advantages of minicabs over taxis. Minicab services are actually similar to traditional taxis but they tend to be cheaper and more convenient. Hiring a minicab in advance will

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