Our Common Account Services

Book a private minicab to take you to whichever destination you wish in London. You get to book a fixed-price trip to and from any London destination. We have multipurpose vehicles with special user facilities to make your journey more enjoyable.

The vehicles are designated to suit every person’s needs including the elderly and kids. We offer numerous Common Account services which include;

School trips

Our cars are made to provide comfort to children even for long journeys. Students’ transportation plays a vital role in our business. We have been working alongside schools providing them with quality, safe and reliable transportation services.

Designated driver after night out

At times you may go out to have fun with your friends. You could be tempted to drink so much that you cannot drive yourself home. The designated drivers are there to ensure that you get home safely as they watch over you and all your items to make sure that nothing gets lost.

Courier services

This involves parcel deliveries and shipments. We deliver packages to any destination in London at a fair price.

Shopping trips

Instead of waiting for hours for a cab to pick you at the bus stop with your baggage, we can pick you to and from your shopping areas and minimize the stress of having to carry the shopping bags and at the same time save time.

Meet and greet services

This is to facilitate your passage through the airport. We guide you through your journey at every point at the airport to minimize confusion.

These are just a few of the numerous common account services that we offer to our clients. You can also contact us for hotel transportation, sea port services, and business meetings. Allow us to help you and make your work easy as you get to enjoy the company of our friendly and professional staff.